Man On a Mission


My mother and grandmother rasied me in church. Without a father around it was up to them to teach me how to be a man. They placed me on the right path however, I chose the wrong path doing what I wanted to do. I thought I was the man. Everyone, everywhere knew me because of my lifestyle chasing money, women and drugs. I lived a fast pase life always on a mission. I've been chased, shot at, you name it I've been the target. When I finaly decided to do the right thing I'd get my heart broken time and time again. Even though I was in the military I was still lost. I could never completley shake off bad habits util I completley submitted my self to Jesus Christ. God delivered me, I was living right and doing the right thing for years, doing his work and yet somthing was still missing. Once again I became broken wanting to give up because I didn't understand why, I was doing everything right but my world came crashing down. I lost everthing slowly. Wanting to go back to my old ways, I finally gave in and allowed God to do things his way. God stepped in at the right time. My life did a 360 degree turn from that point on. Not only did God bless me with my wife, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. God restored my life just when I thought it was over and I gave up on myself. My children and I are closer than we've ever been. God had plans for me that I would never imagine having for myself. God knew what he was doing. My wife reminds me of God power which pushes me to get out here and keep fighting the good fight in the name of Jesus. May his will be done in and through me. 

I am living proof that nothing is to hard for God and it's never to late for God to step in and make great changes in your life. Don't ever give up hope trust in the Lord always!