My God is so good to me. Looking back at my life I remember many nights, I would cry myself to sleep because of the way my life was going, my surroundings, my ex-husband and so forth. Words can’t even explain the feelings I had inside. I was beaten day in and day out. This lead to other stuff  such as durgs, drinking etc.. anything to knob the pain. somtimes I even thought of taking my own life. His drug habit lead us to homlessnes, dangerous living conditions, and becoming best friends with the bail bonds man. My kids were so hurt and scared.


But Jesus found me broken and damaged he took me as I was. I submitted my everything to God. The way my life is going now, is what I’d daydream about back then. I’ve been born again, surrounded by family new and old. I’m pursuing my calling. My children are oh so blessed. As I write this I can’t help but to let the tears flow.I praise God for all he’s done in and through me, for choosing and using me.


My sleepless nights are now because of homework or thoughts of how great my God is to me; no longer up crying because of the beating my ex-husband just gave me.

No more drugs and drinking to knob the pain. Or thoughts of suicide. I love this person God is forming.


I enjoy take my children out to the park or just  spending time with them; no longer listing to that voice in the background telling me there’s no time for that.


We sit in my room watch a movie as they share their ideas with me; no more kids stay on your side of the house.


I can hop in my car and drive to and from as I please; no more waiting for him to take me when he felt like it, because I was forbidden to drive.


 I can see my family as I please; no more dead promises of visits them year after year.


Most importantly I attend the house of God as I should; no more crying, hoping and wishing for change to come or for a way out.


Everything I’ve prayed for God or thought could only happen in my dreams have come to pass. I’m free from all strongholds, drugs, violence, suicidal thoughts, hatred, low self-esteem, insecurities to the fullest by the blood of Jesus, now being used for his purpose. My God is so great. My dreams are conformed to his will because of his love, goodness and great mercy this once nobody is now somebody in Christ Jesus.

By: Josie, Pittsburgh, PA

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