I have never wrote down in a journal or spoke to any size groups of people about my life testimonies that God has brought me through. But I am honored now to be able to share my recent experience about my daughter Brooklyn.

Her dad and I were very happy about her arrival and made sure I was doing all the things that I should do to make sure it was a healthy pregnancy.

At exactly 20 weeks my membranes ruptured and the doctors just kept shaking their heads and telling me how sorry they were. They had so many doctors come to talk to us about the outcome of my situation, but I still was overcome with disbelief about what was happening. She wasn't going to be able to survive without any fluid around her and if she did, her lungs wouldn't be developed enough to even be able to breathe. She needed the fluid in order for her lungs to even grow. I basically would be holding her inside me to die because her chance of survival was very minimal.

So I was sent home on bedrest with the expectation that I would probably go into labor and give birth to a child that wouldn't live. I stayed in bed except for my twice a week visits for the next four weeks until I was admitted into the hospital to stay. At exactly 24 weeks and 2 days at6:10am Brooklyn decided it was time to come into the world. I remember just calling Jesus the entire time of her delivery. I prayed to just be able to hear her cry to let me know that she would be ok and be able to breathe.

That day and every day leading up to it, God was in complete control. He had a plan other than my own about Brooklyn and He made it very clear it was about Him. Her days in the NICU were very hard to see her wired up and having a machine breathe for her but she wowed every doctor and nurse who had to take care of her. Including the doctor who told us she wouldn't survive!  They couldn't see the outcome, but God even touched them because she overcame the impossible!

Even with Brooklyn's challenging health issues I still am reminded daily how good God is in spite of. He is in total control! She is here by His grace only and I am truly thankful.

By: Aubrea

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