My Heavenly Father I am a sinner and I'm not very strong in waiting for you but I know that your my Savior and You tell me to wait, just wait I have been waiting for you. It has been so long for me to hear your voice then I remembered that you were the only one who saved me my problems are for you because I can't do this on my own. I have seen my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ give me the opportunity now and wait for my God is good when I can't see clearly he's there for me I am still waiting but the good news is my God is working on my situation and he is telling me just wait I now can see what he's doing for me. God said Pray for the people who hate you and have done you wrong keep praying. I am with you that for me it was very hard so I ask God to bless my heart so I didn't feel angry at those who have hurt me and now I can Pray with a good heart thank you my Father Amen

By: Roxanna Bergdorff

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